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DANCE FLOORING: Marley & Accessories
All of our subflooring products provide a perfect substrate for any finish surface. Wooden Kiwi Productions has partnered with Rosco Laboratories to offer a wide range of vinyl and PVC composite dance flooring at unmatched prices.  We also stock a wide variety of rental floors for temporary use. We occasionally have used vinyl floors available for purchase at a great discount.  Please contact us for availability and further information.

Additionally, the kiwiFLOOR  Sprung Subfloor System is an ideal subfloor for all hardwood application.  While we do NOT install hardwood ourselves (though we can arrange it through our subcontractors), we can advise on the tricky matter of getting the right hardwood finish for dance.   We do sell and install other vinyl floor products and can supply vinyl flooring in many colors and textures to meet your specific need. In addition, our Stage Floor System uses pre-painted and drilled double tempered Hardboard which makes an ideal surface for multiuse and performance spaces. Please contact us for further details.


See a list of Rosco Marley options.